I Dream Canada International Inc. was founded in 2010 and have grown to become one of the leading career consulting companies in Canada.

We serve as a dynamic business platform that connects consumers to reputable, reliable and dependable businesses in Canada. We also serve as a hub for professionals who offer unique educational services to a wide range of people.

I Dream Canada international Inc. has grown rapidly, and we are connected to over 400 colleges, offering 6,000 programs all across Canada. Our current operating system is geared towards covering every part of the world.

Our team has a rich expertise which reflects on the various services that we offer. Each individual on our team are highly qualified professionals that provide friendly, helpful and customer-centered service.

We also offer confidential counselling service for our clients. I Dream Canada International Inc. provides the necessary support that helps people to achieve any level of success that they desire. We deliver custom-designed solutions that bring real value to each of our clients. Our unique system incorporates flexibility which allows each client to grow in line with their set objectives and we diversify our approach to service in order to create long-lasting impact.

We know that the success of our clients also reflects on us, we are committed to give professional business advice with tailor-made solutions that cater for all our client’s business needs.