Course Name Duration (No. of weeks)
3D Modeling, Animation, Art and Design 72
Application Developer 50
Application Developer Mobile Web Specialist 50
Application Developer Mobile Web Specialist with Internship 58
Computer-Aided Design and Drafting Specialist 40
Digital Media Web Designer 34
Enterprise Web and Mobile Developer with Internship 90
Marketing and Digital Media 52
Video Game and Design Technologies 74
Video Game Design Technology with Internship 74
Video Game Design and Development  78
Video Game Design and Development with Internship 90
Web Designer 46
Web Specialist 33
Web Technology Specialist (Evening available) 33
Accounting Applications  
Accounting and Payroll Administration (Evening available) 36
Accounting and Payroll Administrator (Evening available) 44
Administrative Assistant 17
Advance Business Office Applications 13
Banking and Financial Services 39
Business Administration (Evening available) 42
Business Management (Evening available) 48
Business Administration Applications and Accounting Specialist 34
Business Administration Human Resources and Marketing Specialist 34
Computerized Accounting 30
Computerized Accounting and Office Admin 27
Computer Business Applications 17
Conference and Event Planner 50
Event Management 51
Fashion Design 72
Honors Business Administration with Internship 60
Immigration Consultant 29
Immigration Consultant with Internship 29
Interior Decorating 72
Marketing Coordinator 43
Office Administrator 26
Professional Regulatory Affairs 28
Project Administration 43
Supply Chain and Logistics 50
Supply Chain and Logistics with Internship 50
Supply Chain and Management 65
Addictions and Community Service Worker  52
Child Youth Services Worker 40
Child Youth Worker 49
Clinical Research 50
Clinical Research Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance 44
Community Services Worker 39
Community Services Worker with Internship 47
Denturism  132
Early Childcare Assistant (Afternoon available) 39
Food Pharmacy Research and Development 50
Food Technology, Safety and Quality 48
Intra Oral Dental Assisting 46
Logistics and Supply Chain Management with internship (Evening available) 65
Logistics and Supply Chain Operations with internship (Evening available) 38
Marketing and Merchandising for Fashion 60
Massage Therapy 88
Medical Esthetics (Afternoon available) 66
Medical and Health Administration (Afternoon available) 38
Medical Office Assistant With Health Unit Coordinator Specialty 51
Medical Laboratory Assistant and Technician 44
Medical Laboratory Technician (Evening available) 50
Medical Office Administration 40
Medical Office Administrator 48
Medical Office Assistant with Internship 38
Personal Service Worker 32
Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance and Quality Control 43
Pharmaceutical Quality Control 24
Personal Support Worker (Afternoon available) 40
Pharmacy Assistant 32
Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Assistant (Evening available) 50
Physiotherapy Assistant 43
Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs 48
Law Clerk 52
Law Clerk with Internship 60
Law Enforcement Foundations 49
Paralegal (Evening available) 52
Police Foundations 52
Advance Database Administrator 50
Civil Engineering Design and Technology  36
Database Administrator 26
ERP Information System Analysis 34
Data Science and Application 35
Information Systems Support Specialist 26
IT Administrator 50
I.T. Administration with Internship (Evening available) 58
I.T. Administrator Windows Server Messaging and Mobile Specialist 58
Mechanical Engineering Design and Technology 35
Network Administrator (Evening available) 33
Network Administration 35
Network Engineering 33
Network System Engineering    66
Structural Engineering Design and Technology 36
SAS Certificate 35
Esthetics (Afternoon available) 54
Home Inspection 45