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Do you want to make difference to your life! Get engaged with IDCI free services to know your options. Our program specialist our committed to provide remarkable education consultation that will help our future students to be more successful . Moreover, our well skilled consultants are trained to understand students unique situation so that they can suggest the program that will work best according to their situation. Also, They recommend programs which are in-demand for job market for next 5 years in their province. This lead to let students know the best available options in their surroundings and can prepare their-self accordingly. Finding the best career in new place is quite hard but with I DREAM CANADA INTERNATIONAL INC wealth of experience, Student can stay at ease and can get the best advice to choose the right career. With state of art facility and hand on experience and training we can ensure that our students will be equipped with all the tools they need to get started.



Our Integrated Learning System is advanced, modern and unique. We have a wide range of qualified instructors that have the right wealth of experience in your preferred field.

Our qualified skilled education consultant are very passionate about helping students to get them in their right career. They are not just their to advice but also to make sure that program that they are choosing has good for future Canadian job market.

Please see our video for more detailed information.


  • Accelerated Programs

  • Hands-On Training

  • Small Size Classrooms

  • Flexible class schedule

  • We guide you every step of the way

  • Guiding student step-by-step

  • Dedicated program specialist works according to students requirements

  • We find best location as per your convenience

  • In-demand program suggested and explained in detail before going for initial appointment

  • Student-Focused Environment

  • In-Demand program with great future scope

  • Industry-Experienced Instructors

  • Modern equipment

  • Highly ranked colleges suggested

  • Internship/co-op placements options available

Top Reasons To Choose IDCI Services

  • Free Services
  • Best Education advice
  • Understanding the students situation properly
  • In-Demand courses suggested
  • Programs with Internship Available
  • Connected to over 400 colleges nationwide
  • Hands on training with our partner colleges
  • Better Job Opportunities after graduation
  • Well qualified and skilled education consultants
  • Small Size classrooms
  • Closest location suggested
  • Multicultural class-environment
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Where does IDCI operate? Where are you located?2020-01-27T20:57:21-05:00

We operate all across Canada, and soon to operate to other part of the world. However, our Main office is located at 95 Mural Street 6th floor Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 3G2 Canada

Are you a government agency?.2020-01-26T22:43:51-05:00

No, we are not a government agency; we are a private company offering government programs, to spread awareness to people that there is an education funding available in our province. However, the government of Canada funds the programs we are offering.

What is Education Funding?2020-01-26T22:43:13-05:00

It is an education funding, funded by the government of Canada for those who qualify.

What does it mean by free tuition?2020-01-26T22:42:30-05:00

It depends on your province of Residence and your Income. Each Canadian province has its own unique terminology that is used towards this government funding.

There are two kinds of funding that is given for people who qualify:

  • Grants: money you don’t have to pay back
  • A student loan: money you need to repay with very little interest rate

The repayment for the loan depends from province to province.

What is a grant?2020-01-26T22:42:00-05:00

Grants is free money that you do not need to pay back, the government of Canada usually gives it for people who qualify for their program.

What is student loan?2020-01-26T22:41:32-05:00

It is a type of education funding provided by the government of Canada that is payable after a student finish a program.

How much money will I receive in student loans?2020-01-26T22:40:54-05:00

The College will help you estimate the amount of student loans and grants you may be eligible to receive. The amount of money you can get depends on your:

  • Education expenses – the amount of money you need for tuition, books, child care, personal living expenses, supplies and equipment (is available for full-time STUDENTS only),

  • Education expenses – the amount of money you need for tuition, books, child care, personal living expenses, supplies and equipment (is available for full-time STUDENTS only),

If you are receiving social assistance, you need to let us know, so we can coordinate with your caseworker about your educational plans for going back to college to received education funding.

How long will it take my loan application to be processed?2020-01-26T22:40:19-05:00

It usually takes about four to six weeks for an application to be reviewed. Online applications are often processed more quickly than paper forms.

Is it possible to receive student loans for full-time or part-time studies for post secondary studies if I attended a high school outside of Canada?2020-01-26T22:39:52-05:00

Yes, you can receive loan for full time programs but not for part time programs

Do I need to apply only once for a student loan if the program is more than one year2020-01-26T22:39:11-05:00

No. To be considered for a loan or grant you must apply in college every year while you are studying.

What should I do if I receive a student loan but then I can't finish my program?Y2020-01-26T22:37:34-05:00

Notify your school as soon as possible. You will have to start repaying your student loans six months after you leave school.

Will IDCI be able to assist me in finding job after graduation, how sure it is?2020-01-26T22:37:09-05:00

We suggest programs which comes with internship programs. These programs are guaranteed that you will be placed on internship/ job after you graduate for a certain period of time. This is definitely a chance for a student to perform well with the company and that may lead to full time hiring of the person.

Can I be eligible for a grant? I heard I can get approve for Grants2020-01-26T22:36:29-05:00

Being eligible for a grant will depend on your assessment, once they have evaluated your requirements, they will let you know if you are qualified for a grant or student loan.

Being a work EI, will I be eligible for a student loan?2020-01-26T22:36:00-05:00

If you have lost your job and want to return to school or upgrade your skills to help you find a new job, you may also be eligible for financial assistance through Canada Student Loans and Grants.

Being on a maternity EI, will I be eligible for a student loan?2020-01-26T22:35:33-05:00

If you are on maternity EI and want to return to school or upgrade your skills to help you find a new job, you may also be eligible for financial assistance through Canada Student Loans and Grants.

Why do I have to receive a call from your call center representative?2020-01-26T22:34:58-05:00

Our Career specialist will contact you to explain about the program and will also book your appointment with the college. Our representative will verify all the information that you have provided and give you the requirements needed prior to going to school for the appointment.

Our representative will read you the disclaimer that we have for you to be aware of what services is that we offer is free for our local student and what we do not offer.

You have mention that you offer free services but why do college charge me for a seat reservation, which is none refundable?2020-01-26T22:34:58-05:00

Yes, IDCI offer their services free of charge. College may charge you for a admission fee which is usually covered through student loan you may receive.

Is there an interest charged on my student loan while I am in school?2020-01-26T22:34:58-05:00

Student loan interest rate depends from province to province. Interest begins to be added to your loan only when you graduate or leave school, or if your loan is for full-time studies and you switch to part-time. In either case, you will not begin repaying your loan until six months later.

If you are going back to school, make sure your loan providers know. If you do not, you will have to start repaying your loan before you have finished school.

IWhat information defines whether I am qualified to receive grants or not?2020-01-26T22:34:58-05:00

Your family's income for the previous tax year determines if you will get a grant. The definition of "family income" depends on your situation. For example:

  • If you are an independent student or single parent, family income is your income.
  • If you are a dependent student, family income is the money earned by your parent(s) or guardian(s).
  • If you are married or in a common-law relationship, family income includes both your income and your spouse's income.

If your gross family income is zero, you must provide a letter from the person who is supporting you (e.g. family member, spouse or third party). The letter must indicate how your living expenses are being met.

If I qualify for both a loan and a grant, and the grant covers all my expenses, do I need to take a student loan?2020-01-26T22:34:58-05:00

If you are awarded a grant or grants that, together, cover or exceed your assessed financial need, no loans will be provided.

Can I start repaying my loan before the six-month non-repayment period is up?2020-01-26T22:34:58-05:00

Yes. You can make either one or several lump-sum payments while you are still in school. In fact, making payments during your non-repayment period is a great way to pay the interest that has accumulated and reduce the principal of your student loan. When you reduce the principal, you also reduce the total interest you will have to pay later.

I was a full-time student, but I had to cut my course load back to part-time studies. How will this affect my student loan?2020-01-26T22:34:58-05:00

In most cases, it is not advisable to do that. The school is only 4 hours a day and we recommend students to finish the program during the given hours

In addition, the interest will start accumulating as soon as you graduate from college. So please make sure that you must finish programs on time

Is it true that, if I declare bankruptcy shortly after graduating from school, I will not have to pay back my student loans?2020-01-26T22:34:58-05:00

No. If you finished your studies less than seven years ago (five years in the case of exceptional financial hardship), your Canada Student Loans and integrated student loans must be paid back—even if you declare bankruptcy.

What happens if I do not have the money to make my student loan payments?2020-01-26T22:34:58-05:00

As soon as you realize you may have difficulty repaying your loan(s)-before you miss any payments-contact the National Student Loans Service Centre. If you miss payments and default on your student loan(s), you could face additional interest charges. You could also lose out on income tax refunds and be unable to obtain further loans or grants. In addition, you may have to deal with a collection agency or face legal action, and your credit rating could be affected.

Take advantage of the help available, such as the Repayment Assistance Plan. Your province or territory of permanent residence may also have other programs to help you with your loans. You can also contact your associates for further assistance.

What are the different admission options available?2020-01-26T22:34:58-05:00

Most students attend for the full year. With our partner colleges, students have options to start almost every month depending upon type of program and location.

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